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My topic is Canadas military in the 1900

This Tackk is about the battles that Canada fought in during the 1900.

World War 1

There were some battle that Canada took part in and here they are

First Battle of Ypres
April 22-24 1915

The Germans attacked with Chlorine gas witch is a deadly posion witch killed troops in minutes there were 6035 Canadian casualties in 48 hours, over 2000 died

Battle of Vimy Ridge April 9-12 1917

Over 40,000 Canadian soldiers involved The ridge was the highest point in a large area. Canadians took the ridge that afternoon On April 12 Canadians took Hill 145 and “the pimple” a hill on the North end of the ridge 10,602 Canadians wounded, 3,598 dead.

Artillery battered the area weakening the defenses.

Map of the battle of vimy ridge

Battle of Passchendaele July 31-November 1917

Because of all the rain that happened in the months the terrain was like soup. Canadian forces entered the fray in October, capturing the Passchendaele ridge at a cost of 15,600 casualties — a high price for a piece of ground that would be vacated for the enemy the following year.

This is how the terrain looked like

The Battle of the Somme started in July 1st 1916. It lasted until November 1916

Rain and snow finally brought the Battle of the Somme to an end. Allied losses were estimated at 623,907, there were more than 24,700 were Canadians and Newfoundlanders. German losses were estimated at 660,000.

One of the many craters left from artillery fire

Violent Strikes

these strikes happened after world war one. one example is the Winnipeg general strike a part in it was Bloody Saturday when workers that were not on strike were killed by strikers.

World War 2

This is when stuff got real when Hitler unleashed his master plan to bring a victory to Germany after the lose of world war one.

Battle of Dieppe

On l9th August 1942 troops of the Canadian 2nd Division formed the bulk of the Dieppe Raid. Of the 5,000 Canadians who took part, only about 2,000 returned to England.

Battle of Britain

The Battle of Britain was the German air force's attempt to gain air superiority over the RAF. while the super marine spitfires destroy the German fighters the Me-109 the hurricanes destroyed the slower bombers.

Above a super marine spitfire shooting down a German bomber

Battle of Normandy

Landing in Normandy on 6th June 1944 as part of the Allied invasion force, the Canadians played an important role in the battle to take Caen. Canadians fought with British soldiers in the freeing of the Scheldt Estuary and success here enabled the first Allied convoy to arrive in Antwerp in November 1944.

above Canadian uniform during the war

above a bren gun used in the war

Korean War

This battle was from 1950 to 1953

The Korean War began as a civil war between North and South Korea, but the conflict soon became international.

Suez Crisis

The 1956 Suez Crisis was a military and political confrontation in Egypt that threatened to divide the United States and Great Britain potentially harming the Western military alliance that had won then Second World War.

Battle of Kuwait

1991 15 January Canadian forces join the multinational forces in the battle to drive Saddam Hussein's Iraqi troops from Kuwait.

Battle at Afghanistan

began in late 2001. Canada sent its first element of Canadian soldiers secretly in October 2001 from task force 2. There were 2,500 Canadian Forces (CF) personnel in Afghanistan and 1,200 comprised the combat battle group.

Above some of the medals that you could have earned in the war


In conclusion these are all the war that canada took part in through out the 1900 thank you :)

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