Bill Gates

By Dylan Packard

Poor people starve and try to get water and food and millions of people die each day. But Bill Gates tries to prevent some of this. By creating Microsoft for families to enjoy he made billions of dollars, and he used his money to start the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to help people in need. And this is a biography of his life.

I am nominating Bill Gates for the Nobel Peace Prize because he has started an international organization that works towards peace, education and health of mankind.

When Bill was young he was extremely smart and gifted. He got straight A’s without ever taking a book home. Later he went to a special school and there he made a friend named Paul Allen. Together they were interested in computers. At the time computers were huge and expensive but they thought they could make a smaller, cheaper computer. So as Gates and Allen got older they continued to work on computers and eventually started the company called Microsoft. It took them weeks and months but they never gave up. Then they made the first ever modern computer. They made copies of the computers and sold them they made Billions of dollars.

Bill wanted to make an even better difference. So he used millions of dollars to build shelters community centers, small villages, and to buy food and water all for the poor. He even provided scholarships for minor qualified kids. Later he created a library for kids, so they can read to grow. This is all part of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Which started in 1997 and is still going.

Bill and Melinda Gates have worked also to stop diseases. Their goal is to save 11 million people a year from diseases such as polio, they want to destroy polio worldwide, and they are also working on destroying malaria. Bill Gates and Melinda have saved thousands of kids and adults from diseases from when the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation started to this day. Bill and Melinda gates still use millions of dollars to insure that hundreds of diseases will be wiped out.

Bill and Melinda Gates have many qualities but I have narrowed them down to these two qualities, generous, and kind. Let’s start with generous, if you're reading this you've probably seen that Bill and Melinda Gates are very generous people. They give billions of dollars just to save humanity from disease, starvation, dehydration and much more! They are kind because they devote their own lives to save millions of others by donating trying to stop diseases and always help people in need.

I want to say again that I think Bill and Melinda Gates should earn the Nobel Peace Prize Because of his international organization that works toward peace, education and global health.

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