Teacher Appreciation Project

by: Naydelin Castaneda


a. the lessons that i found most memorable with Ms.Shaffer were when we would watch flocabulary in her classroom.

b. Favorite story was when she told and showed us when she went skydiving.

c. a memorable moment was when we had a poetry day where we had food and wore all black to present poems or raps.

d. the biggest impact she had on me was she showed me to not be scared of anything and taught me lots of language arts materials that will be useful in the future.


a. the lesson i found most helpful was when she taught us about the 'C' on the coordinate plane to distingiush which plane was which.

b. my favorite quote is when she would always tell us to "hush" and she would say it in different and wierd voices.

c. my most memorable moment with her was when one of the students, jahquon, was feeling sad, and to cheer him up, she put on the song happy by pharrel william.

d. the impact she had on me was to know not to be so tight-up and to loosen up and have fun.


a. lesson that i found most memorable was when we read "the outsiders" and did projects on the book.

b. her motto , the way i remember it to be was "Reading is fun!"

c. the memorable moment that i had with her was when she told me she was pregnant

d. the impact she had on me was that she made reading books more exciting and fun.

Ms. Lindsay

a. the most memorable moment was when she taught us about verb moods through funny videos and songs.

b. my favorite story was when she told us a stroy about her college days and the moral about the story was to not let pride get you to do the wrong things.

c. memorable moment in class was when we all got together and started dancing and listening to gospel music because we raised $150 dollars for relay for life.

d. her impact on me was she taught me to have fun and have good morals through all the expiernces she had.

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