The Basic Rules of Cyber Bullying

Bullying keeps teens all around the world from being their selves. It keeps people from feeling like they can express themselves and it can make young people feel unsafe. It can harm other people and to the cyber bully and to the people who are bullying it can seem like one big joke. To the person who is being bullied, it can crush them and can even ruin their lives by them having low self confidence.

Here are some rules to help stop bullying:

Speak Up: You should always tell a trusted adult if you or another person are being bullied.

If you feel like the bully is going to harm you in any way you should get help immediately.

If you have a friend that is being bullied you should  convince them to get help or get help for them.

Here are some rules for cyber bullying and online manners:

You should inform a adult if you are being cyber bullied.

Don't type in all caps it could

You should try to ignore the cyber bulling but if it gets to out of hand you should inform an adult.

Don't respond to the bullying messages.

Remember not to become a bully yourself. If you see any teasing or bullying to you or someone else you should speak up.