Islam and Judaism

Why They Can't Be Married..........................

  INTRODUCTION: The wedding has already started and now it is time for the ceremony. The person conducting the ceremony says, "speak now or forever hold your peace." David's father  speaks out and they give reasons why his son David and his bride Fatima should not be married. He gives everybody at the wedding six reasons. They are:

1. There are to many religious differences between Islamic and Jews. Islamic people follow the profit Muhammad and they also follow the Qur'an. As for Jews, they follow the Hebrew Bible (Tankh) and believe in divine revelation and the acceptance of the written Torah, or Jewish laws. They don't believe in the same god either. Jewish people believe in Abraham and Islamic people believe in Allah. Who will their children believe in?

2. In the middle east, there is border conflict between Israel and Palestine. Both groups are fighting and arguing over the same land. Jewish people say they were there first, but Islamic people are saying the same thing. They are always fighting about this. Also, the United States is trying to help with this issue by building walls. The Palestinians don't like these walls at all and they want to fight back. They call it "the racist fence" and "the apartheid wall". As for the Israel people, they love this wall because it keeps the Palestinians out of their land.

3. Americans have many misconceptions about people in the middle east regarding terrorism. As soon as Americans see a Muslim, they immediately think he or she is a terrorist. Not all Americans know that not all Muslims are terrorist. They tend to judge a book by its cover.

4. Everyone involved wants the holy land (picture below). Both religious groups believe that the same spot is only holy to their specific religion. Also, the Islamic and the Jewish peoples can't share this holy land, so they are always fighting over it too. Only one religion can claim the holy land.

5. Another issue these two religious groups have is the control of resources in the middle east. Islamic people and Jewish people desire the same resources, but because of their religious differences, they are always causing conflict. Also, the control of resources could equal power. If one group has all of the resources another group needs, that group will do almost anything to get those resources. This obviously cause problems between the Islamic and Jewish people too.

6. To sum it all up, the controversy of a Islamic and a Jew being married are they have different believes, they always fight over land and property, they can never agree, and because of the holy land the two groups can never create peace. I believe that they should not be married!

ENDING: Everyone gets so mad at David's father that they all kick in out of the wedding, and David and Fatima live happily ever after. The End

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