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We would really love your help to get our pet care products in the WAL-MART stores. Wal-Mart contacted us a week ago and asked us to submit a YOUTUBE video to help them determine which NEW products they would offer for sale in their stores in 2014. We have 3 of the 100 products that they have selected,


Please go to each product and vote for each one. You can vote one time each day, so please vote as often as you can. Remember that each of the AT HOME test kits saves pet owners up to $100 per year in addition to saving time. We offer huge reductions in prices to humane societies, rescue clubs, 4-H, etc. Help us help pets and their pet owners. Like in Chicago ---vote now and often-every day if you can!!!!




Or you can search for: Walmart Get On The Shelf then enter : Fecal worm Test

Pet Health Checkup

feline leukemia

At perfect pet store, we will be expanding our web site so we can offer a wide range of products along with alternative products. We are hopeful to meet your pet care products. Pet Supply Store include a range of testing products that test for Lyme disease, heartworm and all Best Equine Worm Test At Home,feline leukemia and ehrlichia that can be easily performed at home.