Environmental Issues!

     Throughout the world, there are so many issues that are slowly changing and affecting our Earth. Some of these changes are good, but most of them are not and can be very dangerous to our society.

Pollution takes over a river in Southern Columbia

     We as humans don't think before we do anything. We don't think before we speak, we don't think before we act, we don't think before we do anything, and that is very dangerous for our communities. We don't think before we burn forests, before we build nuclear test sights, or anything with even the slightest possibility of destroying everything we've worked so hard for. Honestly, if we put a little effort into everything into, and had a little energy, we could save our world. But its arrogant humans who are the reason our Earth is so damaged and polluted right now, and if we could all stop being arrogant, then our world may survive for generation after generation.

Pollution is getting picked up in a river in Georgia.

     Fortunately for us, there are some very foward-thinking scientists in this world that are coming up with new ways to stop and prevent pollution and environmental issues.These scientists have created departments that are making new offices world-wide in which they each work with different issues. Even people who aren't scientists, for example, very inspired and devoted mothers, are creating organizations that are helping our world evolve so wonderfully.

This picture includes imagery. There are hands helping hold up the Earth and keep it safe.

     There are many ways to stop environmental issues. Even if we don't want to think of any ways to stop it, it's always in the back of our mind, on the tip of our tongues. We need to be active in our communities, we can volunteer to clean up in our communities, or at least clean up our own messes and be cautious about what we do. Our government needs to have constant communication with our major country governments. We need to keep making new and improved technology, so we can make new inventions to stop pollution, etc.

      We need to have a good international trade system, we need to have a world-wide agreeement to have no wars, and no isolationist stances, examples ISIS, NAZI, SOVIET UNION, KKK. We need to have constant environmental growth, no economical and political barriers, no business scams, and last but CERTAINLY not least, we need to use less industries and factories.

This photo shows a seal being harmed by plastic waste in an ocean.
This picture shows what different types of pollution affect in our human body systems.

     Even though our world isn't in very bad shape, we are still in bad shape. SO we need to do everything we can to stop pollution and environmental issues. YOU can save your world, and provide a safe environment for many generations. So, everyone needs to get involved in their community and look up other ways to help out today!

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