The Holocaust
By: Jamison Hagood

Holocaust concentration and death camps

Did you ever know that the Holocaust was bad brutal thing that happened in history?,Gerda Weissman KLein, a Holocaust survivor once said,"Are still human still-or again? They have tried to drag us to the lowest level of existence,demeaned us, treated us worse than animals. Yet something has remained alive in us,for it stirs anews." Even though the Nazis dehumanized the Jews, the Jews stayed brave,hopeful,strong and that made the Jews stay alive and survive.

In addition,the Holocaust was deadly for everyone who was different. This was a bad brutal thing that happened. So that's why never repeat the past. In the novel "Terrible Things" by Eve Bunting,and Stephen Gammell,it says, "when they had all gone,little rabbit crept into the middle of a empty clearing, "If only we creatures had stuck together it could have been different." The Holocaust was bad brutal thing that happened in history. The Nazis killed 6 million Jews. In "Terrible Things" the creatures were the types of people and the Nazis were the "Terrible Things". In conclusion, "Terrible Things" is about surviving beacause the little rabbit hides and was smart so that made the little rabbit stay alive and survive.

Why did the Nazis in the Holocaust kill so much Jews? In the film "Life is Beautiful", by Roberto Benigni, Dora says "My husband and son are on that train." Did you hear me? "I want to get on that train." The Nazis were bad they also killed innocent people. In the film "Life Is Beautiful" the Nazis took a big group of Jews and sent them to a concentration camp. Dora try's to stay brave and hopeful about her son and husband while she is sent to a different Concentration camp. The film "Life Is Beautiful" is about staying brave and hopeful.

This war was very terrible. Do you think the Nazis were good people or bad people? In the film "PaperClips by Elliot Berlin, and Joe Fab a student says "Let alone the Jews who died in the Holocaust and the survivors of the Holocaust were brave and strong." Even though the Nazis killed a lot of Jews, the Jews were brave and strong. The "PaperClips" is about remembering the Jews that and the survivors, honoring the Jews for staying brave and hopeful and teaching other people about the Holocaust.

Lastly, even that the Nazis dehumanized the Jews the Jews stayed hopeful,brave, and that made the Jews survive. We should not repeat the pass we can learn from the past, so that the Holocaust would never happen and people won't die. From what we have learned from the past, we can help not cause the Holocaust to happen a again.

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