Reflection for Monolouge

by Livvy Blomdahl

I loved doing this monologue. This play was perfect for me because it makes jokes about sex which I do all the time with my friends. I totally understand Lysistrata. We are a lot alike except like I mentioned in class she has confidence while I have anxiety issues. The speech she made (My monologue) is something that I totally would've said. I make speeches or rants (depending on my mood) on subjects like that all the time but I probably never would've vocalized my thoughts like that. Maybe to my friends or family sure but never to the people that are actually causing the problem like she does. Also even though I agree with Lysistrata and think the Athenians and the Spartans are stupid for attacking each other when there are plenty of enemies for them to destroy. I never would've called them out like that. I would've beat around the bush a bit so that I wouldn't offend anyone or just swallowed my tongue and just went along with what people were saying. Though people wouldn't have gotten the point. While she is very direct and doesn't care about offending people. She just thinks that she's telling the truth and if people are getting offended by it then it's their own fault. The truth hurts sometimes.

Another reason why I liked this play was because Lysistrata was just so confident in herself in everything that she did like in the plan that she had. she never doubted her plan or thought she went about it the wrong way. There was no doubt in her mind about whether it will work or not. She just wasn't sure when she will succeed. It was nice to play such a confident character because I myself am not that confident even though I have gotten better.

One thing that I am proud of myself for doing was exuding that confidence and not saying my lines fast or stuttering which apparently I do all the time. The saying my lines fast part not the stuttering part. I don't do it that much anymore. YAY ME! Also apparently I get high pitched. I had no idea that happened so it's good to know what to work on. Which is why I performed in front of the class a couple of times before the monologues were due because I needed to know what to work on. What worked and what didn't. Which is why I think my monologue was so good because of the critique I got.