"The woman in the snow" inference chart

I think this story will be about a sad woman having a hard time during winter.

"He was still on probation, luckily even to have a job, especially during such a hard time."(258) I guess Grady have hard time driving during snow time

"That when his headlights picked up the figure of a woman running in the snow, without a hat, glove, or boots" (259) I predict that the woman was in a rush and she must be poor and sick.

The woman that Grady saw needs help. She need to get her child to hospital. If no one help her, her child would die. (260) I predict that Grady would help them because of the child.

"his eyes were drown to a small article about a colored woman and child found frozen to death on Hall Street"(260) I think he regret what he did to the woman and the child.

"As he drifted into the final darkness, he heard a woman's sobs, a baby wailing —or was it just the wind?"(262) I think he was thinking  of the woman and the child to much because he can't forget what he did and that why he mistake hearing things.

"Every first snowfall passengers and drivers testified that they'd seen the ghost of Eula Mae Daniels clutching her baby as she ran through the snow"(263) I think Eula Mae Daniels want revenge and she she don't feel good about what happen to her and her baby.

"I didn't know white folk believed in haunts"(263) I guess Ray don't believe in ghost and he was never been scared.

"Nobody deserves to be left out in this weather. Ghost or not, she deserves better."(264) I agree with Ray because it not fair leaving some people in the cold and I guess Ray is a good bus driver and he's a kind person.

"He thought he saw Eula Mae Daniels smile as she vanished into the swirling snow, never to be seen again."(266) I predict that Ray was the first person to see her smile and never see her again.