Baby stars in The Orion Nebula
Alexia.S and Samantha.G
3-20-2015 A-4

Have you ever heard of the beautiful stars of The Orion Nebula? Those are part of one of many constellations you see at night.

*The Orion Nebula is the brightest part of the constellation.

*Orion It is about 1500 light years away.

* It is composed of glowing gas surrounding young stars. Wisps and sheets of gas.

*The rotation period is about 54 days.

*The stars formed in the galaxy in the Northern hemisphere.

*They formed in towering clouds of dust and gas.

*You might ask what are the baby stars? They are a group of stars that connect the Orion Nebula.

*Why are they important? They are part of a very important constellation that you can see from your bedroom using a telescope ( if you have one) from your window.

*they are smaller than other stars.

* In the Milky Way, South of Orion's belt.

* One of the brightest Nebulae.

* Easiest star pattern to find in the sky.

* It looks like belt (obviously)

* 11 stars in the tight central group and over 2000 new stars in the immediate neighborhood.

* There is a lot of dust.

* less than 1% of the gas has been turned into stars.

*The stars that make up the belt are about 8,000,000 years old and they are still forming today.

these stars are like a family they all connect to make a picture.

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