The Guardians of Peace

Virtue and Fairness is the Light that always overcomes darkness.

Our Flag

Our Flag Symbolizes Honesty and Fairness.The X that is created makes equal triangles , symbolizing that equality is the most important thing. No man is greater or lesser, everyone is equal. The leaves represent Goodness and Virtue. The Saint Brotherhoods Colors are Red and Orange. Here in The Guardians Of Peace our colors are Blue and Green, which are the exact opposite of their colors. Our colors symbolize that we are everything that the Saint Brotherhood is not.

Constitution of Guardians Of Peace


The name of this country will be The Guardians Of Peace.


The purpose of this country is to provide a safe and free environment for people to live a happy life.

In The Guardians Of Peace, are main goal is to let you live the life you want to live. If you want to be a successful doctor or chef you can be. Its all up to you. Your have the right to be what you want to be as long as it follows the articles. Here in The Guardians Of Peace, your safety and happiness is we are all about.


The requirements to be a citizen of this country are you have to be born in this country.

The expectations that each citizen will have freedom and equal rights for all races and religious beliefs.

The government request all citizens to participate in some act of community service to support their country.


Tim will be in charge of this country. The government system will include the people. Our citizens will vote and decide the leader or president. Elections will be taken and the person with the most votes will be leader. Certain measures will be taken to ensure that our society does not become corrupt by always having the community have a say in elections and making sure that in the election there is no cheating.


The responsibilities of the government are to maintain equality and economic balance.

The responsibilities of the people are to remain well educated and fair to all.


We Have 10 Very Important Laws

  • Freedom of speech- so we always know how our citizens feel about a certain thing.
  • In all court cases the ‘’criminal’’ will have a lawyer and be tried. Their trail will be fair and equal and will decide whether they are guilty or innocent.
  • All people will be able to choose their career and what path they are going to take.
  • Everyone will have to finish at least High school. If you wish to continue with college, it is up to you.
  • The Peace Troopers (police officers,doctors, EMTs,etc.) will help anyone who is in trouble or needs help.
  • Our citizens will have the right to worship whomever they choose. The mascot for our country is Tim but if you choose to not support Tim that is perfectly fine, again here in The Guardians of Peace we care about your happiness and your safety.
  • Internet and wifi will be provided for all members of our society.
  • No cruel or unusual punishments will be given to anyone who has committed a crime.
  • Power to the people is our main motto we want your input in everything we do.
  • Must not Rebel against this country. compromises may be made.


Education in this country will be to given to our citizens so they can have a successful and independent in life.


The symbol of our flag is the two swords crossing each other creating an ‘’X’’. This means that our citizens will always defend each other. We unite our people and we will stick together no matter what. Our colors blue, black, and white symbolize unity and trust.


The main figurehead in this country is Tim

President Tim

Characteristics and Abilities

President Tim is a man of few words. He takes action instead of saying all the things he will do. He is always wanting to listen to peoples ideas and always makes sure that his citizens are content with him and the city. The special thing about President Tim is his humbleness. He walks around the city with grace and does not think he is greater or lesser than anyone.

The Story Of Timothy

President Tim, also called Timothy Simon Jr, had a difficult time growing up. With five younger siblings to take care of and parents who were always working to put food on the table, he never really had much time to have fun. School has always been Tim's top priority (that's why education is so encouraged here in The Guardians Of Peace). Ever since he was little Tim always loved learning and laughing with this friends.  Once Tim left and graduated school, he wanted to pursue his life dream of becoming Mayor. Assembly after assembly, Tim was struggling to get the votes he needed. He was judged and insulted by many about his ideas and strategies. When the results of the elections came in, Tim had been outvoted and unfortunately lost the election. Timothy, however, after receiving the election results did not give up. Instead, he went to his next dream, of becoming a chef. Timothy went to culinary school and made excellent food. Feeling like he finally found his calling, Tim was overjoyed and happy about making his exquisite cuisines for all to enjoy. Exquisite Meal after exquisite meal, Tim felt like he had reached his top and his life goal was to always make people happy by giving them food. One day after a great day of work Tim wanted to go home and it was his day to lock up the restaurant. As he was walking home, two men dressed in black attacked him and threatened him that if he didn't stop being a chef and cooking Jaurden would come. Tim was confused and bewildered that they threatened him and took off running home. The next day Tim went to work pushing the threat out of his thoughts. He went to work made his customers happy and left for the day making sure that he got a ride with one of his friends. Weeks past, by this time Tim had already forgotten about the threat and walked home after another good day at work. As he was walking though, he noticed somebody following him. Picking up his pace a little bit, he started to walk home. The man following him however was prepared and four men surrounded Tim and were coming closer. They took Tim captive and took him the this so called Jaurden. Juarden was a mean man in a mysterious hood he always seemed to wear. Juarden forced Tim to quit his job and never again be a chef. Tim did not back down, he told them he wouldn't and why should he. Juarden responded that it was because people were seeing hope. Tim was confused Isn't hope a great thing he said. Jaurden responded with nothing and told Tim to go home. Tim wasn't a chef no more. He was angered at the fact that there leader Juarden did not want him to pursue his dream. He thought and thought and thought about Jaurden and the way he had answered and looked when he said hope. Tim soon realized that in his town no one was happy. Everyone was doing things they didn't enjoy doing. So he got a few people together and together they made The Guardians of Peace. Ever since then Tim promised himself and his people that they would have a choice to be what they want to be.

P.S Every now and then you might catch Tim in a restaurant giving pointers to the chef. :)


Guardians of Peace here to give you a good life

with any dream you have we can help you not once, but twice.

The ''Saints'' however make you pay a price.

Work, Wash, Work, Wash that's all they do.

Working to wash your brain so you can do what your ''supposed to''.

They are the puppeteers pulling the strings

their citizens wishing for wings.

We are the Guardians giving you a choice

We give you what you need to succeed.

The Guardians are here to help you be freed.

Propaganda Posters

The Ministry of ''Love''

The Saint Brotherhood says that Evil and lies create light. Is this true? Does chaos solve everything? No. Evil and craziness makes matters worse. They are making you think that what you are doing is perfectly normal, when in reality its not. You do not have a choice in The Saint Brotherhood. You might wonder what goes on in the Ministry of ''Love''. Well I have only one answer for you. Torture. The Ministry of Love is a terrible place where you will find your apparently ''great leaders'' torturing people in order to get them to believe what you''need'' to believe. Now is this really necessary? Hurting people in order for them to do what you want. The fact that they torture people just explains that they are hiding something important from you. Don't you see?? Citizens of the Saint Brotherhood, I ask you to please open your eyes and see and really ask yourself if you are doing what you want to do or have to do. Many of you are terrified of The Ministry Of Love and I can see why. You have spent your whole life blinded by their lies. Is that really what you want for yourself ? Don't you have a dream? In the Guardians Of Peace we give you what you want as long as you take action as well. We will do our part as long as you do yours. In the Saint Brotherhood, do you have that option? Timothy, Guardians Of Peace President, once lived In Saint Brotherhood. He knows how it feels. He was only awoken by the lies because your leaders ruined his dream. Think about yourselves? Has your dream been ruined? Has your leader promised and told you things that are not happening? Now, I'm sure if you believe me or my speech about Ministry Of Love, but I really hope and pray that you do. Because once you walk into The Guardians Of Peace you will find hope.

Propaganda Video

Breanna McDonald

Jordan B