The First Quarter is soon over!

It is time to make sure you have all your work done and handed in.

"tackk" is a new way to interact with others using social media. This "tackk" is intended to notify you that all work must be in no later than Thursday, Nov. 1st, 2012 if you expect a grade.

I have listed below exactly what you must have done for the first quarter. In TenMarks:

1)  All 7 tracks of the album "Whole Numbers & Patterns."

2)  All 4 tracks of the album "Introduction to Algebra."

3)  Under the album,"Measurement - Area and Volume", 2 tracks must be completed successfully. They are:  Estimating and Finding Area AND Comparing Area and Perimeter.


1)  You must do at least 30 problems for each track.

2)  70% or a green circle must be on your report for each track. If you have a yellow or red, you will need to do more problems and get them correct to raise your percentage to 70%.

Now this quarter was pretty easy, so be prepared to step up and really get your brains ticking for 2nd quarter.                    ~Ms.Jacobson