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Self Discovery Personality Type assessment-People like you are warm, friendly, and talkative. You are an enthusiastic and energetic person who loves to be surrounded by people and activity. Expressive and affectionate with your friends and family, you are usually pretty comfortable letting others know how you feel about things. Since you are so sympathetic and caring, you naturally like to help others and are often the first person to volunteer. Polite and trusting, you try hard to please others and place your relationships high on your list of priorities. You have very strong values about the appropriate way to behave and are very responsible. You also tend to take criticism personally so you may be offended or insulted fairly easily. Since you sometimes have trouble speaking your mind clearly and honestly while you're upset, you may simply decide to avoid dealing with others who offend you.

You are also a practical and realistic person. You may love the outdoors, animals, and a variety of sports or physical activities. You are blessed with a keen awareness of your environment and like your surroundings to be comfortable and beautiful. You tend to be quite down-to-earth and like others to be clear and explicit about their expectations of you. Since you strive to be prepared at all times, and are comfortable with your routines, you may need time to adjust when plans change unexpectedly. Organized and efficient, you like to work steadily through a project, completely each step carefully and neatly before moving to the next.

-zac sharpe

Personality Type:ESFJ

North Carolina state university- fire protection/academy program. minimum of 2 years. im going to do the 2 + 2 program so ill have 4 years where i can get on larger agencies like FDNY or Chicago Fire. agencies like this require highly trained firefighters.