The Punisher

Marvel Comics’ popular ultra-violent character, the Punisher was created in 1974 by writer Gerry Conway, and artists John Romita, Sr. and Ross Andru as a recurring guest feature for various Spider-Man titles. Nike Air Max Thea Hombres Profundo Púrpura Gris Verde 131224-102. Th e Punisher was a frequent antagonist of Spider-Man, yet was portrayed as a sympathetic fi gure, neither hero nor villain. Th e Punisher dresses in a characteristic black uniform with a stylized skull emblazoned across the chest. While the Punisher lacks super powers, he makes up for this by wielding a variety of guns and other weapons. Th e character would later appear as a feature character in his own titles, where he has been portrayed as a troubled anti-hero engaged in a “one-man war on crime.”

Like many popular characters, the Punisher’s motivations are based in personal tragedy. His alter ego, Frank Castle, was a Marine and Vietnam veteran. Castle returns home to New York City and a promising future with his wife and two young children. While the family is walking through Central Park to fi nd a place to have a picnic, they accidentally come across a mafi a execution.Nike Air Max 90 Mujeres Prima Cinta Camo Paquete Flash Lime W599911-230. Castle is then a witness to his family’s murder, an event that motivates him to extreme ends in his drive for vengeance. The Punisher is not merely satisfi ed in eliminating the particular gangsters responsible for his loss; he extends his revenge to anyone guilty of criminal activity. What made the Punisher an original and successful character was his individual moral stance and his ruthless willingness to kill his foes. As a result, there are few recurring villains through various Punisher stories, because so few of them survive their encounters with Frank Castle.

The first true phase of the Punisher’s popularity as a character was in the 1970s and early 1980s, when the character was a recurring feature in various Marvel titles, including The Amazing Spider-Man and Daredevil: Th e Man Without Fear. The character’s first appearance, in Amazing Spider-Man #129, features the Punisher hired by the villainous Jackal to assassinate Spider-Man (at the time a suspected criminal in Marvel continuity).

The Punisher’s attempt on Spider-Man’s life is interrupted when the Jackal, Puma evoSPEED 1.2 Mixed SG Negro Amarillo Azul 140107-023, concerned that Spider-Man is too much of a challenge for the Punisher, secretly attacks Spider-Man and causes him to fall off of the rooftop the two are fi ghting on. Although Spider-Man survives this fall, neither the Jackal nor the Punisher are aware of this, nor is the Punisher aware of the Jackal’s interference. Th e Punisher is enraged at the Jackal for so casually accepting Spider-Man’s accidental death; although the Punisher would have taken Spider-Man’s life as a retributive act of justice, the Punisher considered Spider-Man’s accidental death both a failure and injustice on his own part. Th e Punisher begins to question the Jackal’s motives, and in a subsequent encounter with Spider-Man he learns the true nature of the Jackal’s treachery. Th e Punisher never fully accepts that Spider-Man is truly innocent, but the two often fi nd themselves working toward the same goals in subsequent issues. By 1975, the Punisher was a solo feature in Marvel Preview #2, one of Marvel’s black-and-white magazine format titles, which featured the first telling of the Punisher’s origin story. In Amazing Spider-Man #162 (1976), one of the Punisher’s few recurring foes was introduced: Jigsaw, a former hitman for a crime family. His name refers to his face, which appears to have been stitched together from pieces, owing to his having been thrown out of a plate-glass window previously by the Punisher.