US Economy Visualization

By Maggie

Vans and Converse are two similar brands of shoes that rival each other. This is an example of competition, as they are competing against each other to sell their product.

This image of a food court represents economic freedom because consumers are given the opportunity to make their own decisions. Customers can choose to go to any of the restaurants in the food court because they have the freedom to make their own economic choices.

Profit motive is the desire for money or other profit that drives individuals or organizations to create a business. This lemonade stand advertising lemonade for 10 cents symbolizes profit motive, with the 10 cents being the profit that the seller will gain.

This image represents voluntary exchange, because the two people are willingly engaging in market transactions. Similarly to how buyers and sellers voluntarily exchange money and a good or service, these two people are trading grain for apples. This action occurs out of free will, and both parties gain something out of it.

This Keep Out sign symbolizes private property rights because people have the freedom to own and use their own property as they choose. The person who owns this land has the right to keep it to themselves since they are the rightful owners.

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