Monday Memo

Curriculum Focus

Common Assessment.....

        Common assessment means student learning will be assessed using the same instrument and the same criteria for the entire grade level. This gives students access to the same essential learning regardless of who is teaching the class and can be taught in the time allotted.

          Your grade level PLC will create math common assessments and use the results to identify (1) individual students who need additional time and support for learning, (2) the teaching strategies that proved effective in helping students acquire the intended knowledge and skills, (3) program concerns - areas in which students generally are having difficulty achieving the intended standard (4) improvement goals for individual teachers and the grade level.

        Key Points to remember when developing common assessments.                   1)  Does it have endurance? Do we really expect our students to retain the knowledge and skills over time as opposed to merely learning it for a test?

2)  Does it have leverage?  Will proficiency in this standard help the student in other areas of the curriculum and other academic disciplines?

3)  Does it develop student readiness for the next level of learning? Is it essential for success in the next unit or grade level?

Keep this in mind......


Watch the Kindergarten STEM lesson video at the bottom.


Birthdays.....9/2 - Debbie Spillers ; 9/5 Jill Broome; 9/6 Kari Conner

Important Information

1) Remember to find a sub for the 1/2 day Common Assessment Training. You must put the sub in AESOP and complete a TDY.

2) Starting Sept. 2nd, you must check your email before lunch and after 1:00. The front office will no longer be calling your room about lunch or transportation changes. Instead, you will receive an email.

3) Copies - Instead of you making copies for your grade level, we will have a para making copies. Here are the guidelines....You must turn in a master copy 2 days in advance. The copies will be placed in the teacher workroom in the box according to the grade group.  Kathy Young will be placing copy request forms in your mailbox with extra forms on the table. Make sure the form is filled out completely.  Teachers may make emergency copies only! See Kathy Young if you have any questions. Do NOT take boxes of paper from the teacher workroom. Please see Lynn Payne if you need paper.        

                                         Monday & Tuesday -Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd

                                          Wednesday & Thursday- 3rd, 4th and 5th

                                          Friday - Special Area and Catch up

4) LEAD time - This is not an option. During this time you are updating Leadership Notebooks, teaching the lang., conferencing, setting & monitoring goals, ect.

This Week....

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Fall Pictures; 2:15 Cat. 1 &2 Training with Dawn Capes (1hr) Conference room




Coming Up...

Monday 9/8: 1st and 2nd grade Common Assessment Training

Tuesday 9/9: 3rd and 4th grade Common Assessment Training

Wednesday 9/10:  8:15 AR/ Leader in Me Training; 5th grade Common Assessment Training; Faculty Meeting

Thursday 9/11: Fall Book Fair, Fire Drill; 5:30 Open House

Friday 9/12: Flag Pole Ceremony

Reflection Question

What content do you currently teach that you can eliminate from the curriculum because it is not essential?

Thought of the Week

"The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life." - Plato