Kitchen Safety

How to prevents cuts from Happening: Never put fingers near blades of blenders or food processers, When slicing never have your finger where to knife is you may cut your finger, When peeling be careful how you peel and try not to cut your self

How to stop fore when burning in the kitchen

How to stop fires from burning in the kitchen: Extinguish fires from burning, also use baking soda to stop the fire from burning more, Never use water it will cause more fire.

Kitchen fire

Fall prventions

Always use a ladder or a step stool to reach heights if you are short, wipe or spill areas, never have a knife in your hand.

Electrical Issue Preventions

Do not over the plugin outlets, Always make sure the cored doesn't have a cut in it it may cause fire and when you are done make sure to unplug it.

If someone has benn in electrical shock do not touch them or use metal use wood or plastic .

Chemical Poisoning preventions

Keep all hazards in a safe area where children will not reach, keep it away from food , and if poisoned call the poison control center. Call 1-800-222-1222


Choking Preventions

Chew food thoroughly before swallowing, Do not give the babys or months or seniors small round pieces, avoid talking or laughing when chewing you may choke or it may go down the wrong pipe, and if choking use abdominal thrust.

Abdominal Thrust

Not to wear while cooking in the kitchen

Do not wear jewelry, Keep hair retrained or wear a hair net, do not wear loose clothes.

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