Arctic lowlands

Physical Features

-The arctic lowlands includes the Yukon, Northwest Territories  and Nunavat. The arctic lowlands is made up mostly of low- lying islands and parts of  Canada. Has large areas of rocks and boggy plains. The ground below remains frozen all year round ( it's called permafrost)


Summer in this region is brief but sunny. The winters are very cold and long. In the summer , rainfall is not common. In the middle of the summer the sun does not set all night long.

Animal life 🐇

-Animals that  live in the region have made adaptations

-Peary caribous are found on a few arctic islands

-Loons,snow geese,snowy owls  and ivory gulls  nest in the region

-snowy owls hunt in the daytime


-This sails ,cold tempertures, low precipitation, a short summer and premefrost all affect vegetation . The name for this area of arctic vegetation is tundra . Some places are barren , this means they have few living plants .Tundra is similar to the vegetation above the treeline on high mountains.

Natural Resources⛄️

Has important non - renewable  suer as zinc , lead, oil, natural gas and coal. These are called non- renewable because they disappear  after being used. Sculptures usually show the relationship between the people and the animals.Some products from the region besides minerals are sold elsewhere in Canada.