By: Mckenzie Myers
Block: 5

What does it do

After signing up to be helped by the organization any  children you possess will be enrolled in a near by public school. There are many reasons why they are being helped so don't jump to conclusions. Not all have done something bad or deserved it some could have experienced a life hanging death or injure or lost their job. There are many reasons. Caritas will help them till they escape there street life.

Caritas Information

Caritas is a nonprofit organization that is made up of three parts; Caritas Shelter, Caritas furniture bank, and Caritas Work. Caritas Shelter is made up of emergency shelter programs. This Shelter is providing three meals a day, Night time shelter, this are all part of the Single Parent Program. There shelter is provided at local churches around are area. It all started

How was it started

Caritas started out as a shelter for homeless  families during harsh winters but grew to the point were they expanded to year round support. Now it takes the proud name as the biggest homeless shelter in are community. Now more than 170 church groups hold and support Caritas now.

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