Japanese Dynasties
              Yamato Clan and Heian Period

(500-1900)                                  (794-1185)

Yamato Clan- According to a legend the first emperor was the grandson of Amaterasu the sun goddess. The Yamato Clan was located in the Yamato Plain, which was a rich farming region. Even they didn't control all of Japan, the emperors thought they were the emperors of Japan. They had a centralized government. They adopted fashions, foods, tea, art, music, dance, and gardening from the Chinese. A good achievement by the Yamato was that they captured alot of clans.

Heian Period- The capital was moved to Heian in 794. This was the start of the Heian Period. During the Heian Period their a monarchy put into place. Nobles of this time lived in palaces. They had a laded back life of admiring art and poetry. Women of the time wore a 12 colored layered dress made out of silk. The proper way for a noble to write was they had to write what ever they were writing in an art or poetry form. It made them look proper. Noble women wrote in Japanese. By now the Japanese had a written language by combing Chinese and phonetic characters. Lady Murasaski Shikibu wrote The Tale of Genji what is known as the worlds first full novel.

The Tale of Genji was considered the worlds first full novel.