Luxury Goods, Location, Role of City, Function, Transportation, and Economics

Luxury Goods: One of the main goods of the region of Hangzhou was rice. This was very important during this time because rice was the main food staple of ancient China. Hangzhou was also very important when it came to rice because it was one of the first regions of China to begin to cultivate rice.

Location: The city of Hangzhou was located in the northeastern portion of what was then the Song Empire. It was located along the Grand Canal, and sat right near the coast by the East China Sea.

Role of City: The city of Hangzhou served as the capital of the Wuyue Kingdom from 907 to 987 during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. It also served as the capital for the Souther Song Dynasty after they regrouped after they're defeat by the Jin. It also served as a cosmopolitan center for traveling scholars looking to conduct with other Chinese states and others.

Transportation: Since Hangzhou was located so closely to the Grand Canal and the Yangzi river a reliable way of transportation was along the Grand Canal because it went north to ancient Beijing. Another way of travel would be horses if they were traveling by land.

Economy: The economy of Hangzhou was thriving during the Song Empire. It was the center of trade during the time it was capital of the empire and was a cosmopolitan center for varying beliefs and ethnicities.

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