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Dear Parents:

What a wonderful two weeks at Mill Creek. I think that the one word that describes the atmosphere at our school over the last two weeks  is "exciting." As I go in classrooms, I see eager faces of students. I see excitement. That excitement comes from learning. I watched students give each other high fives when they got a math problem right. I watched one student pat another on the back to encourage the other student to keep trying. That student then got the next question right and his face lit up. I watched students engaged in conversation about themes. Each student was excited to share their thoughts. I loved seeing teachers excited to share their knowledge with our students and thrilled about the plans they made for their class. We also had a visit from some of the James Clemens High School athletes last week for "Read with a Jet Day." The entire school was buzzing from this visit. Of course, I have to mention the snow. There were a lot of excited faces watching the snowflakes fall to the ground. All these events just helped me get to know the students, faculty, and staff. I am very proud  and excited to be a Maverick.

If you missed our PTA meeting last meeting, you missed a real treat. I was amazed at the talent that our 6th grade students shared with us. We have a very diverse pool of talents in our walls of Mill Creek. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting many of you and look forward to meeting even more of you at our February meeting. Speaking of our PTA, have you noticed the new equipment on the playground? That is due to our PTA fundraiser. The students are enjoying this and once again, you can see the excitement on their faces. I cannot thank them enough for what they are doing for Mill Creek.

I look forward to another great week being a Maverick!

Carmen Buchanan


Mill Creek Elementary

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February 3rd- Mill Creek Maverick PTA Night at Stevie B's

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