4 Steps to Food Safety


1.) Always make sure you have a clean surface to start on

2.) Always wash your fruits, vegetables, and other fresh foods except meat

3.) Use a new dish rag and towel every time you cook

4.) Always wash your hands for 20+ Seconds with hot soapy water


1.) Always separate your your meats from your fruits and vegetables
2.) Separate your clean utensils from your dirty ones
3.) Make sure you separate good food from bad food
4.) Separate raw foods from cooked foods


1.) Cook food completely
2.) Always temp your meats and porks
3.) Make sure the food hasn't expired
4.) Cut off spores or bad spots on foods so bacteria doesn't spread


1.) Vent the lids of containers when still warm
2.) foods can be out for a maximum of 2 hours without chilling or 90 minutes if outside
3.) Large amounts of food must be evenly spread out among a pan 2 inches deep
4.) always make sure the center and out is chilled for any food

Food safety is a big thing you should know before cooking for the first time or at all. Not knowing food safety rules could endanger someone with bacteria that isn't meant for the human bodies.

Cleaning Foods off before cooking
Make sure to separate all foods
Cook all foods properly
And most of all don't forget to chill your leftovers

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