Internet Safety

                              These will be 5 steps to tell you how to stay safe online.

                                                      By: Ryan Pebeck

             1. Stay away from strangers.

Strangers online will act as if they're friends at first, but they can deceive you. They can also steal personal info by acting like your friend.

             2. Be careful while gaming.

People out there on a lot of gaming networks will want to make you mad, and these people are called trolls. If you don't respond to them you don't give them power, and that makes them mad. So don't respond or even mute them .

           3. Be careful of some chatrooms.

Some chat rooms can be very dangerous. This doesn't apply all the time but you never know who could be behind that screen, so make sure you don't give up personal info.

                  4. Use private settings.

Privacy settings will help you a lot with social media. This will make your account private, and if someone ask to follow it will be a request and if you don't know them you can deny it. This way they can't find out your personal info in the first place.

           5. Don't agree to meet offline.

Don't meet offline with someone you met online. Unless you absolutely know this person or have a connection.

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