The Most Dangerous Place in the World

Syria's Civil War

Syria was consider one of the safest countries in the Middle East, until it was involved into the Civil War. There is a large number of civilians suffering, since the conflict in Syria began, more than 160,000 have already been killed in this horrifying War. Its truly heart breaking how they displaced about 6.5 million people in Syria and made 2.5 million people flee for there life to neighboring countries.

In 2012 the fearful rebels came into Syria and after they started coming along, the government forces ratcheted up attacks onto the rebels. Armed rebels went on the streets and started messing around with many people, which they were stealing peoples food, and were harassing many women. In this case, Assad the president of Syria, his forces were more brutal, they fought back by using bombs, launching air strikes, and even using chemical weapons.   

Amna al-Khodr is a Syrian teen who lived in Yarmouk, Syria. Both her and her family left to a neighboring country in time to escape the war in the south. But then in 2011 violent and unpredictable forces came around. Political loyalties divided the community and people who supported President Bashar al-Assad wanted the dictator to be no more. After all this war was very brutal and disturbing which was very horrible.


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