How do I import a video into Tackk?

In order to have a video in your Tackk, the video must have a link.  We will upload our video to Google Drive and Google Drive will create a link for your video that can be posted into your Tackk.

1. Please have a Tackk already created and open in  You can edit your Tackk at any time if you use the green button with the pencil on it.

2. Make a video on a phone.  It could be taken on a group member's phone.

3. Share and send the video to your email and/or your group members' email.

4. Go to your email.  Instead of downloading the video to your Downloads, save the video to Google Drive.  You might want to create a folder in Google Drive that is called "Video."  If your Google Drive is not setup, see if a group member has theirs set up.  Google Drive is embedded in your school gmail account.  Look for the nine little squares located in the top right corner of your gmail.  Consider setting up your Google Drive if you haven't.

5. Go to Google Drive and Video Folder.  Click on the Video that you want.

     If your video file is already a .mov file, then go to step 6.

     If the video file is not a .mov file, then look at the top middle of your        video in Goggle Drive, click "Open With" and then click "Cloud Convert."

     a. In Cloud Convert, there are three steps.  The first step is to "Select file."  Choose "Select from Google Drive."  Choose your video.

     b. In step 2, "Select Output Format."  Choose "video," instead of audio, and then choose "mov."

     c. In step 3, click the "Start Conversion" button.  Cloud Convert can save the converted file back into your Google Drive Video folder.

6. In the top right corner of your video in Google Drive, click "Pop Out."  It looks like a square with an arrow pointing out of the square towards the north east.

7. In the top center of the popped out video, click the person with the plus sign.  You will see "Share with Others."

8. Choose "Anyone on the Internet can find and view."

9. In the top right corner of "Share with Others," click the green link button to "Get Shareable Link." This will copy the link to your video.

10. Go back to your open Tackk and choose the "Button" button.  Paste your copied video's link and "Apply."  Close all of the other tabs except for Tackk.  Click your video button to see if it works.

This is just one way of placing a video into Tackk.  If you find an easier way, please be willing to share.  I tried to use the Video Button at the bottom of Tackk, but could not make it work with the school's computer/Internet access.  Thank you and have fun!