1) This weekend we are having a big game against are long time rival time.But my parents are going out of town to visit there friends and tomorrow night is the only time they can go, and they  need me to babysit  my six -year old brother. And they left it up to me to decide.

2) I could go to the game but then that  would mean that my parents wouldn't be able to go see there friends from out of state. But if i stayed my parents could go to see their friends from out of state, and their would be more games.

3) I stayed at home with my brother because their are more games and tonight was the only night that my parents would have been able to go see their friends.

4) Know my parents can see their friends and i can play the next game.

5) I am glad that i choose to stay at home with my brother and let my parents go see there friends since this is the only time that they will be able to go see them.

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