Adele Larose

                                                                                                                                                      AcadiaAutumn, 1756  

Alexander Beaudin

256 Papineau Rue

Paris, France


Dear Father,

Thank you for your letter, I am truly sorry that I have not been able to respond to you up until now, but we have been very busy preparing for the next season. I don’t want you to worry, I am very happy and I am enjoying my life in Acadia. I have been married since the last time you wrote me, and I am glad to say that I am with child. Women here marry young, and we are in charge of caring for our family, community and taking care of our crops. Our community is very small and close knit. Our faith and beliefs in religion plays a huge role in our community. We have all our social gatherings at church, our education system is based upon Catholicism, and our daily lives revolve around our faith. In our community, we all work together to get the work done and to benefit everyone in the settlement. It is autumn now and we are getting ready for winter. We are making clothing and snowshoes so that we can keep warm and work in the winter months. We are also cutting down trees and collecting firewood, as the winters here are very cold. I have heard that the winters here are very harsh and I worry that many of us will not survive if we catch a disease, as we do not have the proper means to cure them. Life here in Acadia is not easy, we are not being protected or supplied by France as Acadia is seen as a separate colony of France. We have been neglected and have been left on our own to survive and protect ourselves. The only good thing that has come from the negligence of France is that we have all have created a bond with everyone in our society. With this new found bond we are able to survive and defend our colony as a united front. People have been leaving the colony to the thirteen colonies because they did not feel safe or protected in our settlement anymore. Since our abandonment from France, we have also made an alliance with the native group known as the Mi’kmaq. We built an alliance and have gained trust with the Mi’kmaq for protection against France and Britain. They have taught us many skills for survival and in return we have shared tasks with them such as fishing and hunting. In addition, we have been able to convert them to Catholicism and have built friendships through marriage. Our relationship in our faith has encouraged a positive relationship between the Mi’kmaq and member in our settlement. With the attacks we have received from French troops, we have been able to protect our settlement with the native’s military support and skills. I have faith that we will be able to protect our settlement from France, and eventually live free and in peace so that we wont have to worry anymore. My future plans are to ensure that my family and community are safe from the France. I also hope that more people will start to migrate to Acadia, we have many industries starting up from our success in our fishing industry. With our success, we have been able to create businesses such as shipbuilding and trading with the thirteen colonies, but unfoundedly it does not seem like our numbers are increasing. I hope to someday be able to be an entrepreneur and run a business. Many women in New France have been able to start businesses and I hope that this will soon come to Acadia. I hope that you will be able to come here soon. I miss you all, and hope that we will keep in touch. Until next time,



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