Martin Luther King Jr.

This is information that you may not have known about martin luther king jr:

By ,Tianna-Eggleton

Time line on mlk jr.

  • Martin luther king jr: january 15,is martin luther king birthday.

martin luther king jr: 39, years old when he died.

Martin luther king:november 7,1983 is when his holiday started

Martin luther king was 39 years old when he had got shot/killed.martin was a goodman. he led the boycott to stop the racism. martin luther king birthday was  january 15.Martin's original name was Micheal.At the age of 12 martin tried to commite suicide.because his grandmother had passed away from a heart attack.The day king was killed he was out on the porch for a smoke.Martin luther  king skipped to grades in high school  9th and 11th grade and went straight to collage.this is some facts about martin luther king jr.

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