Fly Away Home And Sunshine Home

By:Gracie, Casey,Trinity,Jordyn and Kylar

     Compare:There were a dad and a little boy in both stories-Casey

  • They both have injuries-Kylar
  • They both want different homes-Gracie
  • The Theme was a little different-Jordyn
  • In both stories somebody's feelings were hurt-Trinity
  • Contrast;The problem and soultion was very different-Trinity
  • One was in a airport and the other one was in a Nursing home-Gracie
  • Fly away homes theme was Don't Stop Believing and Sunshine homes theme was think than do it-Casey
  • In one they were poor and in the other they weren't too poor and not too rich-Kylar
  • In one the grandma was crying and in the other the boy was crying-Gracie

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