Diane Calka Owns A Petsitting Business In Stamford, Connecticut

Diane Calka is a self-employed professional, who owns a petsitting business in Stamford, Connecticut. Some of the things that set her apart from other pet sitters in the region include her vast experience of working in various environments and her in-depth pet-care knowledge. Right from completing the paper work, collecting fees, reconciling accounts, to coordinating dog walking and pet sitting schedules; she effectively handles every aspect of her business.

Diana Calka's warm and friendly nature helps her create a strong relationship with each of his clients. They trust Diane's ability to take care of their pets' needs and ensure their full safety. Having worked in doggie day camps, retail, as well as hospital settings; she has dealt with a variety of pets and knows how to calm them down when they are sad, angry, or irritated.

Other than her petsitting business, there are scores of things that keep Diane Calka occupied. For instance, in her free time, she likes to ride her scooter and bike, do lots of arts and crafts, play flute, and spend time with her dogs. Workouts and long walks are two things that she never skips from her everyday routine. She also donates her time and money to charitable causes. Being a responsible citizen and a true philanthropist, she believes that contributing to charitable causes is one of the best ways to give back to the community. As she is an animal lover, she actively supports a number of organizations that work for animals. Some of the animal organizations that she has volunteered with in the past are PAWS, SCATS, etc.