Chaotic War in Rome

By Matthew Ford

Spartacus' army and the Romans in the midst of battle.

ROME, 73 B.C-- Spartacus, gladiator and slave, marches through Rome with an army of 90,000 people by his side. Spartacus is leading this revolt to help slaves and gladiators. Spartacus and hundreds of his men are trained gladiators and are very skilled giving them the upper hand against the Romans.

Spartacus quotes " I am not an animal."Spartacus has defeated the Romans seven times. This all began at Mt. Vesuvius.

Spartacus and 70 other gladiators escaped from a gladiator school in Capua in 73 B.C. He stole weapons from the school's kitchen and a cart passing them by. They then headed for Mt. Vesuvius and the city of Pompeii.

His army looked for supplies and new recruits in Pompeii and headed up the mountain. The Romans knew of this and decided to trap them on top of the mountain

The Romans didn't attack them, but instead decided to starve them out. Spartacus and his newly recruited men made a rope down an unguarded part of the mountain . They then attacked the Romans by surprise.

Spartacus and his army pushed on through Rome. They plundered villages that were poorly defended and were in Rural areas. The army took supplies and  new recruits along with them.

In the end, Spartacus' army grew to be 90,000 men strong. In the final battle, Spartacus was struck down by Marcus Leonis Crassus. Marcus Crassus quotes, " He wasn't as stupid as I thought, he was even intelligent, that's dangerous for a slave."

A documentary about Spartacus

Roman Sports

A massive Colosseum in Rome, Italy

ROME-- Athletes from Ancient Rome usually competed in a Colosseum. Most Roman sports are brutally violent. The most popular sport, gladiator battles, include 2 or more gladiators fighting to the death. Horse racing sometimes end brutally when an athletes chariot breaks or their horse dies.

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