The hardest challenge for an 8th grader is balancing sports, & school.

According to Dr. Mirgain from, "participating in sports provides tremendous benefits for kids. Research shows that young athletes tend to have better grades, go on to college, are less likely to drink or do drugs, just to name a few. But it’s important to keep perspective as well. With daily practices and games, not to mention the traveling, it can be hard for kids to find the time for homework or other activities. But, it’s a challenge that presents a good opportunity to learn life lessons."

Despite everyone’s best efforts, kids may still find themselves overwhelmed by expectations and demands. But, it may not always be apparent. Mirgain notes that there are a few warning signs, including:

  • Kids may start to have poor grades
  • They may start to demonstrate a poor attitude or lack of motivation about playing
  • They may start to give excuses to not go, or miss practices and games altogether
  • They may not want to play a sport at all any longer

Most people play a sport for the thrill of having fun with others who share the same interest. But it's not always fun and games. There can be a ton of pressure in high school sports. A lot of the time it comes from the feeling that a parent or coach expects you to always win. Having this pressure while trying to keep good grades is really hard.