Reading Journal

May 20,2014

Dear Ms.Sara,

I am reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K.Rowling.I am at chapter 14 called "Felix Felicis".In this chapter Harry tells Ron he gave him a felix felicis (a charm that gives good luck) so Gryffindor won the match versus Slytherin.Ron believes Harry, so he thinks he has good luck.He gets so happy that he wins the match.There is a big party , where he kisses Lavender Brown ,Hermione gets jealus.Harry sees Ginny kissing a boy and he also gets jealus.If I was Ron I would play with happiness like in this match because that is how he wins.My favorite part was when Ron saved a goal and then Harry got the snitch.If I was J.K.Rowling I would put that Harry  really gave Ron the Felix Felicis because he would have even more luck.I predict Harry will drink the Felix Felicis,instead of giving it to a friend. I love the book.


Laura Elisa