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Long Range Pagers And Their Utility In Various Organizations – An Overview

The idea of having your employees within fast and easy reach to carry out critical operations happens to be one of the most important requirements for many industries. Take medical care for example – if hospital administrations didn’t have a means to get in touch with their doctors in emergency situations, they wouldn’t be able to save the patient who is currently crashing in the ICU. This communication is made possible with the help of paging systems which also tend to be useful in many other industries. Let us see the many ways in which pagers can be of assistance for the smooth running of day to day operations.

• This discussion cannot hope to proceed without first examining the importance of hospital pagers in the healthcare world. Emergency medical support requires that caregivers reach patients in the nick of time. In large hospitals where doctors have to tend to patients in various departments, managing this function can be difficult with the help of simple announcements. Hospital pagers however can let doctors know where they are needed and how severe the situation is without much hassle.

• These systems are good for use in spas and salons as well. In most cases, customers usually have to wait for their turn while they do not have much to do other than reading old magazines. But with spa pagers, they can now walk around in the mall or visit nearby shops without the worry of missing their turn. The spa/salon administration can simply page them when they are supposed to report at the premises.

• Pharmacies are also making use of hospital paging systems these days. There is push button paging equipment with which customers can notify staff that they need help. There is also drive-through paging for customers who need their prescription right away.

• Restaurant paging is the next most common application of this technology. With this system, cooking staff can let servers know that orders are ready. On the flip side, service staff can take orders and pass it on to the kitchen with the help of pagers. Similarly, in case of self service restaurants, pagers can be used to notify customers that their orders are ready for collection at the counter.

• Schools and universities are also making use of paging systems these days. Students can use paging systems for registration and records, book availability in the library, and guidance counseling schedules. They can also be notified by their professors. Faculty and staff members may also have pagers to notify anybody in their department or the entire university for special announcements or urgent messages from their telephones or computers.

• Nurseries and health clubs can also make use of pagers for similar applications. They can notify parents that it is time for them to pick up their kids and also communicate any emergency situations that might have occurred.

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