The Case of the Missing Crystal Football

by: Caylin K. and Landon M.

The Crime

At the BCS National Championship Game Alabama and Notre Dame are playing for the title of National Champions.At halftime the guards left for five minutes to check the windows because they heard a loud crash like someone had throw a rock at the glass and it caused the crash .After they came back, to their surprise, the trophy was gone,the glass wasn't broken and there were no clues to say who took it,but a football glove.Then later,the predicted winners won,Alabama.The are some of Alabama's rivals.

The Puzzling Question

Who would steal the trophy and how did they do it?

The Detectives

Caylin- blue eyes,brown blond hair, and is an Alabama fan

Landon- brown hair, is an Alabama fan

We were both headed to the snack bar in the stadium when we heard a loud noise and found out the trophy had been stolen. We asked if we could help and they said yes.


Suspect 1

Name-Aaron Murray

Why a suspect-Quarterback for Georgia

Motive-His team is one of Alabama's big rivals and doesn't want them to get the trophy.Alabama beat them at beginning of the season.

Alibi-"I was about to throw the game winning pass and the crowd was roaring like a tiger when it got stopped and I had to get in a cop car for no reason."he said."What stadium where you playing at?"I asked."We were playing my stadium,Jordan Hare Stadium."he replied."Okay, that's all we need."we said.

Suspect 2

Name- Kiehl Frazier

Why a suspect-Quarterback for Auburn Tigers

Motive-Alabama beat them in the Iron Bowl and they want revenge.

Alibi-"I was about to go onto the field to kickoff but then someone said the game was canceled,because the BCS National Championship Trophy was stolen." he said "What stadium were you playing at?"we asked."We were playing at our home stadium,Tiger Stadium."he replied. "Okay,thanks."we said

Suspect 3

Name- Zach Mettenburger

Why a suspect- Quarterback for LSU

Motive-One of Alabama's biggest rivals and doesn't want them to win the trophy.

Alibi-"I was practicing at my stadium earlier in the week then I flew to Miami vaction and went to watch the Championship and over the crowd I heard someone scream that the trophy had been stolen."he explained."What stadium do you play at?" I asked."We play at Kyle Stadium." he said.

Suspect 4

Name- Johnny Manziel

Why a suspect- Quarterback of Texas A&M

Motive-He thinks his team should be in the championship instead of Alabama.

Alibi-"I was giving auto-graphs in Miami."he said."Okay,thank you."we said.

The solution