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Sugar is well appreciated by many people, we use sugar in things like cake, cookies, candy, chocolate, even some sodas. But what some people are unaware of is that sugar  can increase your risk for heart disease and diabetes. "The risk of cardiovascular disease death increases exponentially as you increase your consumption of added sugar," says the study's lead author, Quanhe Yang. Sugar not only causes weight gain it could be what kills you. "The average adult american drinks about seven to ten sodas a week," says Dr. Paul Freeman. The normal soda has 140 cal. of added sugar in one can, that's 7% of the total amount of calories we should be consuming. "When eating at a restaurant every two out of six family's will order two deserts and every one out of eleven family's will order their deserts before they are brought their food," says Damian from the RSA. Deserts like cake, Cookies, Brownies, Pie, all have added sugars and to keep ourselves healthy we shouldn't order two deserts, just one to share and wait till we are done eating to see if we are still hungry for sweets! #deathbydoughnuts

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