Springdale Schools

Teach Them All, Learning for All

Springdale Schools is the 2nd largest school district in Arkansas.

Springdale Schools is a rapidly growing school district working to meet the needs of a diverse community and student population.  Parent involvement is especially important and PTA plays a big role in each school.  The district also does an excellent job building a working relationship with the Chamber of Commerce and local businesses.

Meaningful, and relevant, student learning is what drives Springdale schools to continually improve and look towards new innovation for students and families.

  • Quick Facts about Springdale Schools
  • Over 20,000 Pre-K to 12th grade students
  • Over 2,000 certified and classified staff
  • 65% free/ reduced lunch
  • 44% Hispanic population, 10% Pacific Islander, 41% White
  • Parent involvement is a key component to student, and school, success in Springdale

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