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We operate one of the largest fleets of three and four axle tractors, and heavy haul trailers in the Pacific Northwest. Our fleet includes both of 34' - 30' or 40' - 24' high cube double vans and high cube 53' vans moving up to 63,000 pounds or 5070 cubic of freight at a time.

The tractor and trailing equipment we apply to our Northwest transportation network has been specifically designed to meet the weight and handling concerns associated with heavy or high volume freight, providing our customers with greater capacity and reduced handling costs. Our largest equipment represents an increased carrying capacity over 25% greater than standard 44,000 equipment.

Our high cube double vans offer the greatest cubic capacity available in the Pacific Northwest. They have been reinforced structurally and are specially designed for the stresses of continuous heavy utilization. This equipment provides additional safety and durability under the stresses inevitable when moving heavy cargo. These features, combined with an increased payload capacity of 60,000+ pounds allows greater flexibility and peace-of-mind while decreasing the cost per hundredweight over smaller equipment like 48' vans. Our fleet of heavy-haul 53' vans allow the same weight advantage of our double vans but in a single van package. Our 53' fleet also meets the same rigorous structural and safety specifications of our 64' double vans.

Our most current specs for equipment include high-cube “plate” trailers. The “plate” specification increases the inside width of the trailer allowing for still greater cube. This specification has been added to both our 64' double vans and our 53' vans. The extra width often allows enough room for pallets to be turned or "pinwheeled" providing still greater cargo capacity.

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