Health Tackk assignment

Unconscious Adult and Child

If you see a adult lying on the ground. And you don't know if they're sleeping or unconscious you would. First check the scene to make sure it is safe. Second you would check the person to see if they are just sleeping, or if they are unconscious. Third you would give thirty chest compressions. Fourth you would check the mouth to look for the object. Then if the object has dislodged from the throat finger sweep it out of the mouth, and throw it away.

Unconscious Choking Infant

If there is a infant lying on the ground, and you don't know if they are unconscious or not do the following.

First check the scene to make sure that the room, or place is safe to enter.

Second if the scene is safe then go over to the infant, and check the bottom of its feet to check for a heart beat. And if its breathing.

Third if unconscious and not breathing give the baby 30 chest compressions. You should use two fingers, and only push one forth of a inch into the baby's chest.

Fourth check the mouth for the object if the object is visible do a finger sweep.

Then give 1 life breath. The breath's should be a quarter as long as the adult breaths.

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