Walter Elias Disney

Chicago, Illinois

Walt Disney other known as Walter Elias Disney was married to his spouse Lillian Bound. He had three brothers, Herbert Disney, Raymond Disney, and Roy Disney, he also had a sister named Ruth Disney. He had two Son in-laws named Ronald Miller, and Robert Brown, and he had two children of his own named Diane and Sharon. He Died of Lung Cancer.

Walt Disney as most people would say had a pretty successful Career  he has one  7 Emmys, 22 Academy awards. Walt Disney was an animator/cartoonist and wrote poems. His business went on without him but it has been a very successful and is worth 103.96 Billion dollars. This is his signature


I don't know if you'll believe
I met a Princess today
And was greeted in her castle
In a most royal way

Yes I met a real Princess
Who stooped to welcome me
And inside her royal castle
I met another three

There were towers that had banners
Stained glass windows in the wall
And the sparkling lights of magic
In the royal banquet hall

A fairy flew from somewhere
And she waved her magic wand
Then she blessed me with a smile
That became our special bond

My greatest wish was granted
And a star thats only mine
In that land of deep enchantment
Where the brightest wonders shine

I became a royal princess
At that magic coronation
And was gifted with enchantment
In a regal celebration

For a princess is a princess
When she is one in her heart
When becoming a true princess
Inner beauty's where you start

I can take you to my castle
In a land of mystery
If you have the childlike virtue
Of believing what you see

If you know that there is wonder
And perceive the majesty
Of a child's imagination
It will set your spirit free

Whisk away then to that place
Where, as a child, I flew
There all your dreams are living
And wishes all come true

Walter Elias Disney

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