Google Search: Tips and Tricks

By Lulu Feltovich

Google Does Specifications

If you want a specific source website, simply type your search term along with "site: (your source site)" and Google will bring up results from that site.

Google Finds Files

Want a gif? Don't want to convert a file? Typing "filetype:(type of file like jpeg)" along with your search term will bring up search results for that file type.

Google Converts

If you simply type in the question you have ($10 in pounds) Google will convert the amount for you.

Google Defines

Typing "define:(your word)" prompts Google to bring up a briefer, easier definition right then and there.

Google Narrows it Down

If you are looking for government-related information, or any other specific type of website Google has a function that allows you to type "site:(.gov, .com, etc.)" and it will display the results for that type of page.

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