Ascorbic Acid


Ascorbic Acid consists of 6 Carbon particles, 8 Hydrogen particles, and 6 Oxygen particles. Though atoms, particles, molecules, and elements all make up a part of ascorbic acid. The truth is, is that particles make up atoms, atoms make up molecules, molecules make up elements, elements make up substances, and the substance represents the chemical formula. Basically atoms, particles, molecules, and elements are all the different scientific properties of each unusual substance.

Although ascorbic acid might seem like its not in everyday things, ascorbic acid is most commonly known as Vitamin C. As you know Vitamin C is essential to the human diet and helps make a protein called collagen which is found in cartilage, bones, soft tissues and teeth. Vitamin C or Ascorbic acid can be found in citrus fruit, and tomatoes. Although we should eat Vitamin C every day consequences may occur such as growing weak, or possibly death.

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