Homefront Tackk

My name is Katie. I live in Athens ,Georgia. I am a confederate soldier. I am 27 years old. It is May 19,1861. I live with my cousin at her house in Georgia. My husband Henry is in the war, he is 29 years old and he is a brave tough. He is stationed at a prison war camp to watch the union war prisoners.

May 19,1861 Day 1

Today I washed the clothes. I got mail from my husband saying how he is liking watching the prisoners. I have to wash the dishes and write him back. I have to help my cousin hang up the clothes and watch the baby. I have to clean the house this afternoon. I have to give the baby a bath. Then i have to go and get eggs from the egg coop for breakfast. I got to see a cafe be born today which was pretty cool. I also got to successfully pick corn.

May 20,1861 Day 2

Dear Henry,

Hello I have heard of a battle near you the battle of peachtree creek. I hope you are okay. I have lots of stuff to tell you but im running out of pencil so ill just tell you alittle about it. I have gave the baby baths lots of time and we have been doing good on eggs from the chickens. I hope you are okay.

Love your wife


Battle on the peachtree creek.

Day 3

Today I washed the dishes and learned how to milk a cow. I finish my household duties and go a bath. I soaked for a while. But i heard the children fighting so i got out so i could help them. I went to a factory where they make guns for the soldiers and got a job i started by making the ends. I also helped some people load up a truck with supplies for the army men.

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