For Darkness Shows The Stars

By- Diana Peterfreund

For Darkness Shows The Stars is about Elliot North and Kai Wentfort, two young lovers, living on the North estate. Elliot is a Luddite and Kai is a COR, or also known as posts. The Luddites are the higher authority. The Reduced and Children Of the Reduced are the servants of the Luddites. God cursed the Reduced years ago because they were trying to be better then God, by making new things. When Kai and Elliot turned 14, Kai asked Elliot to run away with him, because his life there wasn't as great. If they ran away, he could be a free man, not a servant. Elliot declined because she had a great life already. He went without her, angry. , Years later, the North's rented out the Boatwright Esate, their grandfathers estate, to the Cloud Fleet, a crew of sailors that needed a place to stay to repair their ship. Among the Cloud Fleet was a Captain Malakai Wentforth, the Kai Elliot left behind 4 years ago. The climax of the story would be when Kai uses his illegally enhanced body to jump over a cliff to the other side, a few month after they arrive. Olivia, Elliot's neighbor, wants to join him there, but she doesn't make it and nearly dies. When Elliot learns that Kai had gotten the enhancements, she becomes angered. She avoids him for months. Eventually, she finds faith in his decision, and forgives him. When Cloud Fleet has about finished repairing their boat, Kai asks Elloit to run away with him again. Realizing that he loves her back, she happily accepts, and they sail away, together, this time.

Elliot North, the main character, is a very rebellious girl. Even though it is against the law, she enhances her wheat so it will grow faster so the estate wouldn't starve. She likes to 'bend' the rules for the greater good. Shes also very secretive, because she doesn't let anyone in Kai's old room, which is filled with Kai's and Elliot's letters they wrote to each other as a kid. Elliot is aslo very considerate. In her free time, Elliot is always helping out in the reduced houses and helping them complete their chores for the day.

Elliot North

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