Life is a Surreal Canvas
painted into reality

Life is a surreal canvas,

We dream to have a life full of light,

But the simple fact is, we have too many bad memories for that.

The bad memories cannot be erased, but only bathed in new ones,

Our world is filled with impossible expectations,

The thing is, expectations will never match our reality.

Your reality is only what you choose to be real,

Your smile will never permanently fade,

You will always be left with a well-learned lesson.

You might only be living a dream,

Someone else’s dream perhaps.

Paint your canvas knowing that it can be burned,

That you can dispose of the spoiled ashes and treasure the scars.

You might start with a dark, empty canvas,

But throughout your years it will become filled with stars.

Looking back you might feel pain, agony, endless ache,

One day you cried but now you laugh at the lesson you learned.

You might feel lost and scared at times,

but you are the one star that the sky needs to glow.

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3 years ago

I love your poem, Kassidy!

3 years ago

Good job kassidy

3 years ago

This is so good Kassidy!

3 years ago

@chippermcginnis10 Thanks Chipper!

3 years ago

@carrowood12 Thank you!

3 years ago

@CaitlinRoper :) Thank you!!!