A Cleansing Necessity

Fluorine, What Is This Seemingly useless element?
Fluorine is not at all useless. How would you feel if you were considered "dirty" every day?

Well I Can Help You With That Problem If Your One Of Those Pioneer Types Heading Towards The New Worlds You MUST Have Fluorine Because You Just Can't Live Without Tooth Paste. A Plus Side To Bringing Fluorine It Will Help You Greatly In Any Social Encounters You Might Have When You Are Visiting Some Other Planet Because You Will Have Breath That Will Not ( Most Likely ) Make The People ( Or Animals ) You See Throw Up. Normally If Something Throws Up They May Think It's You And If It Won't Associate With You It May Be Harder To Trade For Something You Need Right When You Need It.

As you can see I Have Put Together A Chart Above Describing Fluorine's Uses In The New Worlds As It May Not Be Very Helpful In Fighting Enemies It Can Help Prevent Fights From Happening By Not Making Your Breath Smell So Bad People Hate You. It's very Important To Have In Case You Need To Conduct Trades Of Any Kind Out There In One Of The New Places You Visit. Fluorine is a great thing to have with You Wherever You Plan To Go. To anyone going out there good luck and REMEMBER Bring Fluorine!

Properties, Common Uses, & Where IS Fluorine Found?
The Melting Point Of Fluorine Is -363.3°F (-219.6°C)
The Freezing Point Of Fluorine Is -306.7°F (-188.2°C)
Symbol F, Atomic Number 9, Atomic Mass 18.998404 , Number Of Protons 9, Number Of Electrons, Number Of Neutrons 10 & It Has A Greenish Color

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