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Come to our SUNNY EVENT and learn how you can earn $500 to $1,500 per week by introducing electricity savings to your friends, relatives, neighbors and everyone you meet!
Meeting at 3901 Stewart Av Spc 91 Las Vegas, Nv 89110
RSVP at 702-330-2299

Today it's very unusual for an individual to earn more than $500 per week without a large investment. When an opportunity such as this one comes along, you should at least find out the details so you can make an informed decision regarding the direction you want to take your life in. Solar City is the leading provider of Solar Electricity in the US today. They have installed over 100,000 rooftop solar systems to date. All you have to do is introduce people to Solar City. You don't have to sell them, high pressure them or coerce them in anyway. THEY WILL TAKE YOUR OFFER 50% of the time! Each time one of your referrals has the Solar City system installed on their roofs, you will earn $250. If you only get two people a week to buy into this incredible and free savings, you will earn $500 a week. If you only sold 3 in a week, you would earn $1,500 per week.

Come to our seminar on this Sunday, August 10th at 10:30am and become informed.

Call Craig at 702-330-2299 for more details.

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