Critical Question

What behavioral expectations are imposed of the characters ? What effect do these expectations have ? How does the marital status of a character affect her decisions or happiness ?

Cinderella: The Evil Sisters

Did you ever think to look from their point if view ? Their mother constantly disciplining so they have the proper manners to find a husband. They jump at the sight of the invitation to the Prince's ball. They think marrying the Prince will be the greatest accomplishment they can ever achieve. they would do anything to win him over like sabotage Cinderella's chances and ultimately each others.

Things Fall Apart

In this novel, the women's voice is almost never heard. they are supposed to obey their husbands and do whatever they say. They bare their children and raise them, cook for the family, clean the huts, and tend to their husbands' needs. every woman in this book is married except the Chielo because she a representation of a god. The men are allowed to practice polygamy, so they all have numerous wives. They're are like a prize to them, it shows how wealthy you are. The women have no opinions in this book, they don't matter; whether they like sharing their husbands or even want to be married to them anymore. Sadly, they're happiness is irrelevant.


Also in this play, all the Women that are mentioned are married except the witches. They are portryed as man like women with beards and all. They are also very evil and aggressive towards everyone. From a feminist point of view, they are portrayed this way because they are not married will never be which is the reason for them to be so angry. Also they are portrayed as social outcasts because of they're unpleasant features and attitude, which could be caused by their martial statues.

Women in this time period were expected to be reserved and graceful but Lady Macbeth had a different idea. These expectation cause Lady Macbeth to be very secretive and two faced. She is very controlling and strong minded. She had the idea to kill Duncan and pushed Macbeth to follow through with the plan.

Baggage Claim

The Main character, Montana, was raised her whole life to believe that she would get married and if she wasn't before she was 30 yrs. old then she wasnt considered a "lady". Well now she's almost 30 and her mother is pressuring her to get married more than ever. She's so desperate that she goes to ridiculous measures to find "Mr. Right". By the middle of the movie she is willing to marry anybody. She is very unhappy and feels empty; she thinks that getting married will change that. Also all the expectations that her mother has for her begins to wear on her which cause the desperation.

The Help

Skeeter is an out going Journalist trying to start her career. Even though this movie is about apartheid in the South, they still include her love life. She's the only one in her group of friends that isn't married. Her friends and her mother are always trying to set her up with men so she can start looking; but she's not worried about that she's worried about working and doing what she loves. Her momther even accuses her of being a lesbian. With all the accusations and pressure she undergoes she decides to go out on a date. Skeeter isn't affected by her marital status; she's quite content with it. At times it may bother her but it doesn't dominate her life.


In this Chinese Disney movie, the women are all portrayed as elegant and conservative women, they are very graceful and precise. Milan has no of these characteristics; she's very outspoken and rough. She rather learn to fight than put make uo on. Her mother tries to make her into the ideal Chinese woman which forces Mulan to act out of character. She knows she will never be like that but is forced to try anyway. These expectations cause her to join the army and take get father's place because She she'd rather fight in war than be proper and unhappy.

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